Health & Nutrition 101: Calm or Chaos?

In this month’s Health & Nutrition 101, Gina Cousineau examines the food chaos that persists in most people’s lives from meal to meal, and she encourages readers to consider adhering to a routine—planning and forethought—when it comes to their food choices.

The Real Estate Guru: Answering Housing Market Questions

Licensed real estate broker Phil Immel, or the Real Estate Guru, authors a new monthly column for the Dana Point Times, where he’ll respond to readers who are curious to learn more about the current housing market and have real estate-related inquires. Those with questions can shoot him an email at

Health & Nutrition 101: When Life Hands You Lemons

After contracting COVID-19 and being confined to a bedroom for a seven-day quarantine period, Gina Cousineau understands a little bit more about the negative implications that isolation can have on mental health. In her latest Health & Nutrition 101 column, she encourages readers to always keep in mind and reach out to others who may be experiencing isolation and loneliness, as it can do a world of good for both that person and your soul.

Publisher’s Letter: Drumroll, Please

Picket Fence Media’s editorial team, including Shawn Raymundo, Zach Cavanagh, Collin Breaux, Chelsie Rex and Jasmine Smith, as well as former PFM Senior Editor Lillian Boyd, each earned awards from the California News Publishers Association for their work in 2021.

Climate Education: Plant the Sea?

Marine biologist and conservation photographer Julianne Steers authors the latest Climate Education column, in which she outlines the role that kelp forests play on ocean ecosystems and why they’re important to protect and preserve.