By Lillian Boyd, Dana Point Times

Capistrano Beach is open to the public again after losing its boardwalk structure to inclement weather and high tides and then undergoing demolition of its basketball court and restrooms.

OC Parks crews were able to restore public access to the beach on Saturday, May 25. The area near the basketball court and boardwalk had been closed off since November, when a portion of the boardwalk and steps collapsed due to high surf.

OC Public Works installed more than 1,000 tons of rocks in place of the boardwalk, and officials had advised the public not to enter the closed-off portion of the beach. Crews brought in 475 sand cubes and installed riprap rock.

“It was important that we were able to reopen the beach for the community in time for the summer,” said Marisa O’Neil, a public information officer for OC Parks. “That was our short-term goal, and now we can focus on setting some long-term goals based off community feedback.”

As for the long-term plan for the beach, OC Parks now has an online survey available for public input.

According to the project’s webpage on, the agency will be creating a master plan for the long-term vision of Capistrano Beach “with resiliency, safety and accessibility in mind.”

“The information you provide will help us understand current use and desired improvements at Capistrano Beach Park,” the survey says.

The survey goes on to ask what beach visitors like to do at Capistrano Beach, with a list of options such as picnics or surfing (you can select multiple activities or type in an activity that isn’t listed). It also asks how far visitors live from the site, what mode of transportation is most often used to get to Capistrano Beach and how often. The last question gives survey users the chance to specify which improvements they would like to see.

You can find the online survey by visiting the project page for the Capistrano Beach Park Master Plan at

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