Due to the ongoing fire disasters in California, animal shelters and rescues have been inundated with a large number of animals flowing through their doors on a daily basis. Central and Northern California have been hit with the fires, and the Los Angeles shelters have taken in animals confiscated from a hoarding cases.

Sheltering agencies have been reaching out for help with transferring animals to facilities that have room to house these rescued animals.

“The Coastal Animal Services Authority (CASA) agreed to help out, as we transferred 20 kittens from a Central California facility,” said Kim Cholodenko, the CASA general manager in a press release. “CASA and the Pet Project Foundation (PPF) worked together in rescuing these kittens. A PPF Volunteer oversaw the transfer of the kittens which required over a six-hour drive to pick-up and deliver to our shelter. Volunteers also worked extra shifts to assist in their cleaning, medical needs and feeding.”

Cholodenko said CASA staff organized the transfer of the cats, scheduling foster homes and addressed the kitten’s general daily care and maintenance before and after their foster homes stay. Foster families will need to house the kittens for approximately two to four weeks until they are healthy and ready for adoption.

“With the hard work and combined effort from everyone involved, these animals were transferred from a shelter that reached out to CASA and will soon find their forever homes,” Cholodenko said, adding CASA plans to continue to help with sheltering and animal control services and provide assistance and help to other shelters/animals in need.

Contact the animal shelter at 949.492.1617, if you have questions, looking to adopt kittens, (cats, dogs, or rabbits too), or if you are interested in becoming one of the shelter’s foster parents.

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