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California Coastal Commissioners are scheduled to discuss the Executive Director’s determination regarding Dana Point’s recently approved short-term rental ordinance during its Nov. 4 meeting.

In February 2014, the city submitted a Local Coastal Program Amendment (LCPA) for the Commission’s certification, which amended the city’s zoning code ordinance to allow short-term rentals in all zoning districts where residential uses are allowed.

In April, the Commission approved the LCPA with suggested modifications, which were approved by the City Council in September.

The city requested for the Executive Director to determine that the resolution is legally adequate to satisfy the specific requirements set forth in the Commission’s April 14 certification order.

City Manager Doug Chotkevys said this is the normal course of action.

“After an LCPA is passed by the Coastal Commission with modifications, it has to come back to the sponsoring agency for acceptance,” Chotkevys said. “Once the LCPA with suggested modifications is approved, and accepted, by the sponsoring agency, the LCPA is then certified by the Commission.”

The meeting will be held on Friday, Nov. 4 in Half Moon Bay. The meeting can be watched live online at www.coastal.ca.gov/.

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  • Why no mention of the referendum that has been filed and is awaiting certification?

  • Yeah! What’s up with that? Did the City Council “forget” to tell them the citizens are trying to repeal that awful ordinance? Or is the CCC so intent on forcing STRs down our throats (and the throats of any coastal town that has the nerve to try to preserve residential neighborhoods) that they’re going to plow ahead and not worry about a silly thing like a voter referendum?

comments (2)

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