Sears Pediatrics and Family Medicine was honored by the city of Dana Point and the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce as Business of the Month at December’s City Council meeting. Shown (L to R) are Dr. Bill Sears, former Mayor Pro Tem Steven Weinberg, Dr. Bob Sears and Heather Johnston, the chamber’s executive director. Photo: Andrea Swayne
Sears Pediatrics and Family Medicine was honored by the city of Dana Point and the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce as Business of the Month at December’s City Council meeting. Shown (L to R) are Dr. Bill Sears, former Mayor Pro Tem Steven Weinberg, Dr. Bob Sears and Heather Johnston, the chamber’s executive director. Photo: Andrea Swayne

Compiled by Robert Sedita, Management Analyst, Dana Point Community Development

Sears Pediatrics and Family Medicine was named Business of the Month for December 2014 by the city of Dana Point.

Started by Dr. Bill Sears in 1985, Sears Pediatrics and Family Medicine moved to Capistrano Beach in 2001.

Dr. Bill Sears’ son Dr. Bob Sears, started off working in his father’s practice and opened his own practice in the same location about six years ago. In addition to Dr. Bob Sears’ practice, his father still operates the original practice, splitting his office time with fellow doctors.

Sears Pediatrics focuses on general pediatrics and serves both vaccinated and non-vaccinated children. With few options for non-vaccinated children, families come from all over Orange and neighboring counties for their services. Building onto the traditional services, Dr. Bob Sears has also integrated a more natural and holistic approach to the practice and specializes in family nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the time spent at their practices, the doctors are both notable authors and have written a number of books on topics such as pregnancy, child rearing, nutrition, behavior and vaccinations, to name a few. Drs. Bob and Bill Sears’ knowledge is these fields provides parents tremendous help when researching and navigating the wide range of options when it comes vaccines, eating and caretaking, so parents can make the best decisions when raising their children.

Sears Pediatrics and Family Medicine
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  • You say “unvaccinated children” like it’s a good thing. Sears is a menace.

  • You should be ashamed for honoring Bob Sears, a “pediatrician” (put in quotes because Sears deserves to be stripped of his license to practice medicine) who has been called out by the director of public health of the OC Health Department as being responsible for the outbreaks of measles (this year) and whooping cough (this year and in 2010) due to his encouraging parents to not vaccinate their children (some of the worst vaccination rates in OC center around his practice area). Ten infants too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough DIED in the 2010 outbreak and 4 infants have DIED in the 2014 outbreak. Wow, all thanks to your “business of the month”. An unvaccinated patient of Sears also triggered the 2008 San Diego Country measles outbreak. Sears makes a lot of money from his anti-vaccine book that is ironically titled “The Vaccination Book”. As a pediatrician with a practice in Tucson, AZ, I’ve watched whooping cough tear through two grade schools in my practice area in 2013 thanks to parents who followed Sears advice and didn’t vaccinate. How you can give l this doctor clearly guilty of mass medical malpractice who is also a threat to public health any sort of award completely boggle my mind. Maybe you think it’s somehow “trendy” or “cool” to refuse vaccines, but these dangerous and deadly infectious diseases that vaccines prevent have come back due to declining vaccine rates, and that is nothing that should merit a “business of the month” award. If you have any journalistic integrity, you should be ashamed of your error and immediately retract this undeserved award.–Chris Hickie, MD, PhD

  • Dr. Bob Sears does more than accept non-vaccinating families: He discourages families from getting some vaccines, like Hepatitis B, against the professional recommendations, and he does not support vaccination – with the result that, for example, in 2008 one of his unvaccinated patients started a measles outbreak in San Diego. He is not serving his young patients when he does not encourage their parents to protect them from disease; catering to the parents’ will over the child’s interest is not a point in his favor.

    I would urge you to reconsider whether a practice that supports leaving children at risk deserves this kind of acknowledgment.

  • Congratulations to Dana Point for endorsing an anti-vaccine physician. Shrewd move. While measles, whooping cough, and other vaccine preventable diseases can cause much suffering, and even death, it should also be recognized that infectious diseases boost incomes for local hospitals and other care providers. Funeral homes and crematoriums also benefit by vaccine rejectionism. Thank you Dr. Sears for placing economic development above public health!

  • So, the Sears’ create a market: they downplay the risks of diseases and overstate the risks of vaccines. And when they serve this population they helped create, they are praised for it?

    People like Dr. Bob Sears are a real problem to my community. We in the autism community are tired of people using us as their hammer against vaccines. When he instills a false fear in people that vaccines cause autism, he causes irreparable harm to our community. We don’t need more parents going down that path of guilt. We don’t need more kids being told they are damaged goods and can only be valid people if they are “treated” with the alternatives to medicine that Dr. Bob has picked up from unscientific conventions.

    As the parent of an autistic kid I’d never let my kid near the Sears practice. Last thing I need is get my kid exposed to some preventable disease in a waiting room. Anyone who really understands the comorbid conditions that often go along with autism would never consider mixing an unvaccinated practice with an autism clientele. In the past it was our kids who were most injured or killed by these diseases.

  • I think the Sears practice is a terrible choice. Their promotion of antivaccine pseudoscience puts us all in danger.

  • This is great to see. My kids grew up seeing Dr. Bill and now my son’s son sees Dr. Bob. They are both just the best with kids. Congratulations, Sears Family.

  • To be honest, the Sears’s clinic had some stiff competition from an unlicensed tattoo parlor and a do- it- yourself Brazilian wax shop.

  • An unfortunate and ill-informed choice by the City of Dana Point. Dr. Sears is not a leader among medical professionals. He is an embarrassment. He is a wanna be ‘celebrity doctor’ who has made a name for himself locally by going against mainstream medicine (also known as evidence based medicine) and made up his own versions of immunization schedules for children. And consequently, puts his patients and those they come in contact with at risk for a preventable diseases.

    And then when it happens – like measles cases linked to his practice – he takes no responsibility. Disgusting.

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