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24470 Del Prado Avenue, Dana Point

By Daniel Ritz

On Oct. 24, Duncan and Jessica Byrne celebrated the official opening of their state-of-the-art training facility PEDALBOX. Located inside Rado’s Fitness, PEDALBOX’s multi-disciplined program incorporates a wide variety of techniques into low impact, high intensity, skills-based workouts.

Combining aqua-bag training with high-intensity stationary bikes and a variety of aerobic and weightlifting interval training, the PEDALBOX program was designed to improve results while minimizing the risk of injury.

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Proud residents of Dana Point’s Lantern District, the Byrnes said they developed the PEDALBOX training program while getting in shape for their own wedding.

Originally born in London, Duncan has been a certified trainer for more than a decade and said that he is excited to finally be training on his own program. A CrossFit trainer for six years prior to moving to the United States, Duncan said that the PEDALBOX program is refined in ways that make it “safe, effective, and most of all, fun.”

In addition to her various physical fitness certifications, Jessica’s professional background in hospitality is credited with the creation of an encouraging, supportive and positive member experience that may be missing in larger gyms or class experiences.

“I felt I would get lost in big gyms and sometimes those classes don’t feel very welcoming,” Jessica said. “We do it all, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We want to maintain that personalized feel.“

PEDALBOX is available for personal training sessions as well as scheduled classes. They are temporarily running a promotion that includes the first class free with the entry of the promotional code PBDP2017 on Although PEDALBOX is located inside Rado’s, their program is completely individual, and independent of Rado’s. You can find more information including pricing, a class schedule and specific training information on

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