Killer Beauty

24422 Del Prado, Unit 8
Dana Point CA 92629

Zara Flores, for Dana Point Times

Carissa Collins is bringing minimal and effortless beauty to Dana Point with her newly opened business, Killer Beauty. Collins has been an artist all of her life (painting and drawing) and was a yoga instructor for a time, but she preferred the hands-on aspect and segued into the beauty and wellness world. Over the past few years, Collins has completed extensive training and schooling to be certified for her lash extension and semi-permanent makeup services.

Given the nature of the beach town that is Dana Point, something Collins sees a lot is the desire to enhance one’s own natural beauty.

“Eyebrow extensions and semi-permanent brows are the most popular, and they have instant gratification for clients,” Collins said. “It’s minimal, but really makes a differenc.”

Collins’ artistic background lends itself to a unique and customized experience for every client. Her attention to detail and steady hand work as an artist translate into every service she provides.

She chose to go in the direction of semi-permanent eyebrows with a rotary tattoo machine gun (not as scary as it sounds, she says) as opposed to micro-blading with multiple blades, because it’s more customizable, less painful and there is less chance of scarring. With the gun, she is able to work with clients and adjust how light or dark they want their brows and can even provide a gradient effect, whereas micro-blading is one color that mimics brow hairs. She maps out the brows and selects the right color, with the stamp of approval from the client.

Like semi-permanent brows, eyelash extensions are also specifically tailored to every client. She takes into account eye shape and size, adjusting for individuals who wear glasses and contacts. Lash extensions should not be itchy or poke the individual.

“If they are uncomfortable in any way, they haven’t been done correctly,” she said.

Her mother, Kathryn Wickliffe, is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner with her own office in the Killer Beauty studio. They believe beauty, health, and wellness all go hand in hand. The vibe of the studio is very relaxed and displays art from local artists, as well as a line of cosmetics that cater to the minimalist beauty theme.

The grand opening of Killer Beauty is still to be determined, but it is open for business, and Collins is always open to answering questions and providing information.

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