Broken Blades Barbershop

34118 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point
Instagram: @Viking_Barber

Seth Janica fully embraces his Nordic roots when branding himself as a barber.

From the traditional Nordic runes on the logo of his barber business to his own Viking-esque red locks and shaved undercut. While the Viking warrior look is traditionally intimidating, Janica has a way with being able to connect with seemingly anyone who sits in his chair.

Photo: Seth Janica started his own single-chair barbershop, Broken Blades Barbershop. He says he first came up with the business name while attending barbershop school. Photo: Lillian Boyd

“There’s an art to being a barber that’s completely separate from your talent with hair,” Janica said. “You want to be accommodating . . . not too passive, but not overbearing, either. You have to know how to talk to people about what they want for their hair, know to ask if they’d like a drink.”

Janica underwent barber training in Orange County and then went on to work at Ray’s Barbershop in San Clemente and Dana Point.

“I had been cutting hair since I was 15 years old,” Janica said. “I never thought it would be what I’d want to do. But when I was taking courses, something clicked. I understood concepts and techniques before the instructor would put them into words.”

While the Ray’s location in Dana Point recently closed, Rachel (Ray) Place continues to own and operate the San Clemente location.

“Ray taught me a lot about sheer work and how to treat a customer,” Janica said. “I think I’ve really grown as a barber throughout my experience at Ray’s.”

After the Dana Point location closed, Janica decided to start his own business, Broken Blades Barbershop, in a joint space with Eco Elegance Salon. The B’s in the shop name and logo take inspiration from the Viking rune symbol for B, also known as a Berkana.

The single-chair shop offers classic, senior and kids’ cuts, active duty military and first responder cuts, as well as straight razor shaves and facial grooming.

Walk-ins are welcome and online booking is available at

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