34215 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point. 949.234.7451.

Though the grand opening of BevMo! in Dana Point is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 8, the liquor store began operating with a “soft opening” on Nov. 17.

District Manager Joel Weis said it’s going well so far.

“We’re really excited to be in Dana Point,” Weis said. “It’s been better than expected, and we received a really warm welcome from the community.”

Along with selling different brands of beers and wines, the store will offer tastings Fridays through Sundays after the grand opening.

“We will offer the only indoor and outdoor tasting area in Orange County,” Weis said.

Fridays will be beer tastings, Saturdays are for wine and Sundays will provide both. Weis said the only cost will be five cents.

“It stays with our nickel sale theme,” Weis said.

Currently the store has 20 employees, but they are looking for seasonal employees. —Kristina Pritchett

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