Alana Mitchell Skincare

San Clemente businesswoman Alana Mitchell has started a new line of skin products, whose sales are taking off online.

With a background in medical aesthetics, Mitchell developed a formula for moisturizers, such as the four-in-one cleansing pod and the quick comeback mask.

The pod is Korean-inspired, which is a popular trend right now, Mitchell said.

“It is a cleanser, mask, exfoliator and facial sponge,” she said. Many of the business’s new products are travel-size and can be brought on airplanes.

Mitchell said the brand, Alana Mitchell Skincare, was launched less than a year ago. Before then, Mitchell marketed various products from different brands.

“We’re combining the expertise of skin products and sales, and we’re a brand that’s direct-to-consumer,” Mitchell said.

In other words, the company seeks to make products for people who are looking for specific remedies, not necessarily wholesale goods.

Mitchell said because of the success of her product line, she intends to give other businesses some help when navigating markets.

“We’re coming out with a professional product that’s going to show businesses how to thrive in services and how to compete with some of the (giant online) retailers and how to have a successful booth business,” Mitchell said. —Eric Heinz

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