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Boneyard Beach Café, the beach concession stand that operated at Doheny State Beach for five seasons, has announced it will not be returning for a sixth season.

Kim Tilly partnered with George Gregory and Jim Miller, the owner of Coffee Importers, to open Boneyard Beach Café in August 2013. The business obtained its liquor license in 2015.

“We’ve done our best to always be a positive part of the community and feel we’ve been good stewards of the space,” Tilly said. “We reinvented this venue from a worn-down concession stand to a place where families could bring their children, enjoy a drink and be part of the community.”

This photo of Boneyard Beach Cafe owners Kim Tilly and Jim Miller was taken soon after the business opening. Photo by Andrea Papagianis

Boneyard Beach Café had been operating month to month after its sublease under Wheel Fun Rentals with the state of California expired in 2017.

“We will miss everyone. We had such a good time and we’re so thankful for the loyal customers and wonderful staff who have been on this journey with us,” Tilly said.

Miller and Tilly are working on incorporating Boneyard menu items into the Coffee Importers menu.

WHAT’S NEXT: The restaurant had been closed after last summer, but the decision not to reopen was announced on social media on Monday, March 4.

“The community outpour has been so supportive and we truly appreciate it,” Tilly said. “We ask that you continue to support local business. Come out to Coffee Importers.” —LB

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