The Surfline surf camera shows a sailboat washed ashore on Salt Creek Beach. Screenshot: Courtesy of Surfline Surf Camera

By Kristina Pritchett

Police said a 30 foot sailboat had “run aground” around 4:30 a.m. on Monday, July 24 near Salt Creek Beach.

Lt. Lane Lagaret, public information officer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, said when officers arrived on scene the boat was in about three feet of water.

Police said a man was standing next to the boat and deputies told him to stay and wait for the lifeguards. The man left the scene, Lagaret said.

Lagaret said police were later contacted by two men who stated they were on the boat and they lost power and drifted.

“It’s unknown why they didn’t use the radio on the boat to make a distress call,” Lagaret said.

Lagaret said when the tow company attempted to pull the boat off the rocks it tore the boat. The boat will now need to be pulled to shore.

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