Biased Investigation, You Bet!
Carol Wilson, Capistrano Beach

Responding to the front page story in last week’s Dana Point Times: I have firsthand knowledge of this “investigation,” as I was one of the people called to meet with the “investigator.” 

First of all, I was sent a notice to appear to meet with an investigator with no information as to what it was about; when I called for more information, I was not given any.

So I showed up to meet with Kristine Exton, the investigator for the City of Dana Point in this matter. She then told me it was regarding a discrimination complaint by former Mayor Debra Lewis. When I asked her why I was not told beforehand so I could prepare, have clear answers and provide evidence, she said, “Oh we don’t want you to do that, just ad-lib anything you remember”—in this case, for the last three years.

 When the questioning began, it was more than evident the whole point of the investigation was to discredit Councilwoman Lewis. Most of the questions were framed about what Ms. Lewis was doing ( i.e., using social media to get support), and questions were carefully framed to put the blame on Ms. Lewis, not Mr. Muller.

I gave her many examples, but because I was not allowed any preparation beforehand, I could not give dates and as much detail as I wished. When I brought up that these events were recorded and available for viewing, she said, “I don’t have time to review any tapes.”  She did offer me an address to send additional information to her, which I did, including several letters to the Dana Point Times over the past few years, letters to the city attorney, dates I spoke at council meetings, and at least three council meetings by date and the exact spot on the tapes where the discrimination occurred.

It’s no wonder she did not find anything wrong; her mind was made up the minute I walked in the door. Shame on Ms. Exton and the City of Dana Point for not having a fair and unprejudiced investigation.

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