The Shwack Cantina, 1527 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, 949.218.7182,

Sometimes it seems as if describing something as “epic” is overdone, but not when it comes to The Shwack Cantina’s Epic Chicken Enchiladas.

Epic Chicken Enchiladas is a dish that deserves its name; the meal delivers what it promises with an interesting blend of flavors indicative of traditional Mexican food but tweaked a little as a nod to the California experience.

What gives the chicken enchiladas an epic edge is the brown, mole-like sauce that covers the meal. It’s lighter than most mole, and not as steeped in as many spices or thick as the traditional recipes. Paired with the shredded chicken, lightly sprinkled with cheese and choice of roja or verde salsa, and the flavorful combination is dynamic—er, epic!

Partners in crime Spanish rice—perfectly cooked, by the way—and beans with bits of bacon are always welcome.

If nothing else, the $10 steal will fill you up and leave a smile on your face.—Eric Heinz

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