EDITOR’S NOTE: On June 12, 2017, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department stopped including detailed summaries for each of its sheriff’s blotter entries. Residents can still access the sheriff’s blotter at OCSD’s website, but can only view the type of calls the department is responding to, as well as the date, time and location of each call.

In lieu of the detailed blotter entries, OCSD officials announced in June that a transition to an interactive crime map was in the works. OCSD said the new software, called Crime Mapping, would provide residents with the same information the current blotter does—type of call date, time and approximate location—but would not include details like before. That software has yet to be implemented.

Members of the public who are seeking detailed information about specific blotter entries are now required to submit email requests to OCSD’s records department at prarequests@ocsd.org. –Allison Jarrell

Tuesday, June 6

INDECENT EXPOSURE Sherwood Way, 24800 Block (1:01 a.m.) Two men were reportedly walking back and forth across the street naked and laughing.

Monday, May 22

RECKLESS DRIVING Shoreline Drive/Coast Highway (11:04 a.m.) A dump truck driver was reportedly making illegal U-turns all day.

Friday, May 19

DISTURBANCE Dana Drive/Island Way (4:20 p.m.) A woman told police a man walked by and kicked her dog.

Saturday, April 15

DISTURBANCE Sand Piper Lane, 100 Block (9:31 p.m.) Police were called for juvenile skateboarders who reportedly were being loud and yelling at vehicles passing by. The caller said then one of the girl’s moms asked them to quiet down, the girl yelled back and cursed at her.

Monday, April 17

TRAFFIC HAZARD El Encanto Avenue, 34000 Block (9:10 a.m.) Police were called for a skateboard ramp in front of the location. The caller was concerned the street will not be cleaned because of the ramp.

Tuesday, March 28

PETTY THEFT Pacific Coast Highway, 34300 Block (4:08 a.m.) A man told police someone stole his Pringles.

Friday, March 24

CITIZEN ASSIST Victoria Boulevard/Sepulveda Avenue (8:32 p.m.) A man told police his ex took his car without permission and crashed it into his other vehicle.

Saturday, March 25

DISTURBANCE Camino Capistrano, 35100 Block (11:53 p.m.) A man told police someone threw an egg at him from a passing vehicle and that he was injured from the “egg shrapnel.”

Thursday, February 2

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Granada Drive, 34000 Block (8:35 p.m.) A man told police he had just woken up and felt delusional. He said he thought his landlord drugged him and stole his money.

Monday, January 23

SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Dana Drive, 24700 Block (4 p.m.) Police were called for a couple having sex in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

Monday, January 16

SUSPICIOUS PERSON/CIRCUMSTANCE Camino Capistrano, 34200 Block (8:38 a.m.) A woman told police a man was standing in the area and starring at a tree. She said it made her feel too uncomfortable to get out of the vehicle and go to work.

Sunday, January 15

SUSPICIOUS PERSON IN VEHICLE Ocean Hill Drive/Sea Bright Drive (9:53 p.m.) Police were called for a vehicle full of people that the caller believed to be “up to no good.” The caller couldn’t provide a description of vehicles other than it was a sedan.


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