By Megan Bianco

Last year Scarlett Johansson starred as a seductive, man-eating alien in the indie hit Under the Skin and maintained all the knowledge in the world as the title character of the acclaimed Her.

Courtesy image
Courtesy image

Her newest role is a combination of both as the invincible young woman in Luc Besson’s latest sci-fi blockbuster, Lucy. Already exceeding expectations reaching No. 1 at the box-office on its opening day, the film proves both its filmmaker and movie star haven’t lost their mojo after two decades of success.

In Taipei City, Taiwan, an American student abroad named Lucy (Johansson) is tricked into delivering a suitcase to a dangerous gangster (Min-sik Choi). Lucy is manipulated by the gangster’s team to deliver the illegal content out of the country by sewing the drug into her stomach.

When she doesn’t cooperate, Lucy absorbs too much of the synthetic drug attached to her body and becomes stronger and more powerful by the minute.

Morgan Freeman co-stars as a biologist who helps Lucy and Analeigh Tipton plays her roommate. Besson’s direction here is some of his artsiest in a long while, especially for an action flick.

Johansson marvels around a catchy soundtrack and cool editing, but there are also continuity errors in the story—the most obvious being the power behind the drug, which includes an out of date scientific fact.

Nevertheless, while Lucy isn’t particularly brilliant or mind-blowing, it’s entertaining enough for devoting 90 minutes on a weekend.

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