By Daniel Ritz

Beginning Feb. 1, Michael Cappi, 66, a Sedona, Arizona resident, is walking from Dana Point to Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts in an effort to raise money to build a pet-friendly safe house for abused kids with pets. Cappi is expecting this voyage to take more than 8 months, walking approximately 15-20 miles a day with the assistance of willing volunteers along the way. Cappi was excited when asked about why he chose Dana Point as his starting point.

“I am starting in Dana Point because it’s a beautiful town, a safe town, and the quickest route. I could not imagine a better place to begin such a journey.” Cappi said the idea was born from an experience when we was racing in the Senior Olympics in 2015.

Cappi estimated almost 40 percent of abused kids are kept in harm’s way because shelters are not equipped to accept pets. “That is simply unacceptable,” Cappi said.

Just A Penny Please, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has committed $250,000 to enable the Verde Valley Sanctuary in Cottonwood to create a safe environment for kids with pets. To learn more about or to support Cappi’s trip, visit

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