By Shawn Raymundo

Roughly 7,000 gallons of partially treated wastewater from the sewage treatment facility at the San Onofre power plant was released more than a mile out into the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday morning.

According to the Hazardous Materials Spill Report that Southern California Edison filed with the governor’s office on Wednesday, the release of the partially treated sewage was caused by an influx of water at the treatment facility.

SoCal Edison, the owner the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, or SONGS, said the spill, which was released through the plant’s Unit 2 conduit, was a non-radiological release.

“The wastewater underwent the proper dilution but was released before it could be fully processed,” Edison said in an emailed statement to Dana Point Times. “As designed, a signal alerted operators to the situation and the discharge pumps were turned off.”

Edison also said that while it’s working to identify the cause of the influx of the water, the system has been taken offline until it operations can safely return.

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