Dane Matson. Photo: Kurt Steinmetz
Dane Matson. Photo: Kurt Steinmetz

By Andrea Swayne

Dane Matson, 9, of San Clemente, claimed back-to-back wins in the 10U shortboard divisions of the Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour and the National Scholastic Surfing Association Open conference. At the Volcom, Nov. 8 at River Jetties in Newport Beach, Dane slayed in the Squids division taking his first-ever win in the series.

“I just surfed my hardest and tried to rip and win,” Dane said of the strategy he deployed in the lineup that day. “I was waiting out the back to get good waves. I picked one of a two-wave set and then just tried to rip the snot out of it.”

He followed that up with another first-time victory, Sunday at San Onofre State Park, Church Beach in the NSSA Open Mini Groms.

“I think I just tried my hardest at this one too,” Dane said. “I was super excited. It makes me want to win more.”

It’s all part of a plan for his “No. 1 sport,”—to climb the ranks and eventually land a spot on the World Tour.

Doing well in school is also a part of this bright fourth-grader’s plan.

“I like school, making new friends, playing with friends at recess and learning new things because I want to go to college some day and I don’t want to be hobo,” he said. “It’s important.”

When asked what makes surfing his favorite activity, Dane said, “It’s the water. It’s the waves. It’s the laybacks, barrels and airs. It’s the fun.”

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