Jason Parsons. Photo: Andrea Swayne
Jason Parsons. Photo: Andrea Swayne

Grom of the Week: Jason Parsons

Age: 14, Vista Del Mar Middle School

By Andrea Swayne

Bodyboarder Jason Parsons can often be seen in the lineup at T Street, practicing his favorite maneuvers—back flips and ARSs (air, roll, spins).

This talented eighth-grader has been a member of the Vista Del Mar Middle School surf team for two years and is looking forward to competing next year as a freshman at San Clemente High School.

A multi-sport athlete, Jason has been playing soccer since the age of 3 and hopes to continue through high school as well.

In school, he is an ‘A’ and ‘B’ student whose favorite subject is science. Although he has yet to decide on a course of study, Jason would like to attend college at either the University of California-Santa Barbara or the University of Hawaii, due mainly to the schools’ close proximity to the ocean.

With the help of his dad and friends, Jason is currently working on a video showcasing his bodyboarding skills, in hopes of attracting sponsors.

His favorite things about growing up in the San Clemente-Dana Point area are the abundance of good surf breaks and having a close-knit group of friends who share his enthusiasm for wave riding.

Jason’s long-term bodyboarding goals include competing at the professional level.

“I want to go pro someday so I practice three days a week and I’m at the beach for 10 hours a day on weekends,” Jason said.

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