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Thursday, September 12


Staysail Drive, 32900 Block (12:22 a.m.) A woman called authorities when she heard loud music coming from either a nearby residence or from her own backyard. She told deputies she was too afraid to look outside to see if people were on her property.

Wednesday, September 11


Via Fortuna, 34300 Block (10:14 p.m.) A man told deputies there had been an ongoing problem with people being loud in the downstairs garage, and he was upset nothing was being done about it. The man informed deputies he planned to file a complaint with the city.


Pointe Sutton, 32600 Block (7:25 p.m.) A woman reported seeing a man standing in an open garage wearing only bikini underwear. She told deputies she was concerned because she checked the Megan’s Law website and found that a sex offender lived on the street.


Buccaneer Street, 32900 Block (7:03 p.m.) A caller reported multiple people for yelling loud obscenities while smoking in their backyard.


Dana Point Harbor Drive, 24800 Block (6:22 p.m.) A woman told deputies she had been unable to locate her daughter who lives in a motorhome.


Pacific Coast Highway, 34100 Block (5:44 p.m.) A drunken man was reported to deputies when he was seen stumbling around outside, and after he tried crossing the street to Circle K. The man was described as being in his late 20s, standing about 5 feet 7 inches tall and of medium build.


Camino Capistrano, 34900 Block (4:55 p.m.) A man contacted authorities because a gardener with a leaf blower was making too much noise. He called the city first, and was told that gardeners are allowed to use their leaf blowers until 5 p.m. The man called the sheriff’s department because he claimed the gardener regularly works until 6 p.m.


Del Obispo Street/Pacific Coast Highway (4:37 p.m.) A chair was in the street.


Granada Drive, 34100 Block (3:20 p.m.) A woman called deputies after seeing someone climb over a wall and enter a residence through a window.


Victoria Boulevard/Via Santa Rosa (9:46 a.m.) A man notified authorities of a man running a business out of his garage. The caller said the business was right across the street from the fire station and there was machinery inside that was too loud.


Dana Point Harbor Drive/Pacific Coast Highway (3:41 a.m.) Deputies received a complaint about a loud party that had been raging since 1 a.m.


Crown Valley Parkway, 32200 Block (2:36 a.m.) A dark-colored, four-door sedan with tinted windows was called in for being parked in the street with its emergency flashers on all night. The caller was unsure if there was anyone in the vehicle.


Pacific Coast Highway/Del Obispo Street (1:20 a.m.) An argument broke out between a man and a woman at Del Taco over a bicycle. The man called authorities and said the woman was trying to steal his bike, but according to the dispatcher, the woman could be heard in the background saying, “give me my bike, you stole it.” The line then disconnected.


Granada Drive, 34000 Block (12:40 a.m.) A woman’s ex-boyfriend was just released from jail and reportedly texting her, despite her having an emergency protective order prohibiting him from any contact. An unemployed 43-year-old man, standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds was arrested and taken to the Intake Release Center. He posted bail and was released the same day.


Street of the Silver Lantern, 34000 Block (12:33 a.m.) Deputies were called about two men and a woman in a verbal altercation. The caller told deputies it sounded as if all three subjects were intoxicated.

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