William “Bill” Brough, Republican

Top Priorities:

  • Supporting Assembly Bill 346. The measure authorizes redevelopment “successor” agencies to use portions of their existing affordable housing funds for the development of homelessness services, transitional housing or emergency housing services
  • Supporting Assembly Bill 911 and its cousin Senate Bill 781 which aim to amend California law that prohibits emergency rooms from being without sufficient inpatient quarters
  • Brough has hosted, with Senator Patricia Bates, several presentations on opioid abuse in Orange County
  • Supports the repeal of the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, establishing a comprehensive transportation funding program by increasing the motor vehicle fuel tax by $0.12 per gallon

Ed Sachs, Republican

Top Priorities:

  • Sachs is adamantly opposed any sanctuary city laws and firmly believes that California citizens have been endangered by AB 109 , Proposition 47 and 57.
  • Public safety. Sachs said he believes law enforcement needs to be fully funded.
  • Sachs called for a meeting of all South Orange County Mayors under Secure OC Schools to ensure finding and filling security gaps at every school. Attempting to look for money to secure schools.


Scott Rhinehart, Democrat

Top Priorities:

  • Rhinehart believes it is unreasonable for citizens to spend twice as much on health care costs as other nations providing health care to all of their citizens
  • Believes renewal efforts must be implemented to protect California’s coastlines from new offshore drilling. He believes fracking must also be stopped immediately to save limited water supply
  • Rhinehart believes California’s infrastructure is aging and potentially dangerous and must be addressed. He believes such efforts will create new jobs on the district, county and state levels. He wants to develop California into a world leader of renewable energy production

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