George Chade
George Chade

George Chade, a resident of Capistrano Beach for 53 years, died on March 26.

Born in Tijuana, Mexico in 1928, George immigrated with his family as a young boy to California.

George is survived by his beloved wife, Layla, of 58 years, a son and two daughters, seven grandchildren, two great grandchildren and three siblings.

Memorial services for George will be held Tuesday, April 8 at 10:30 a.m. in the Mission Basilica Church in San Juan Capistrano.

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  • Jim and Alma Stjerne Reply

    Dearest Layla and family:
    We are heart broken to not find out until this evening of George’s passing!! We are mortified not to have been with you today!! As much as I loved this man, “my Bubblegum” and not to have been at his farewell!! My heart is heavy and sad and I feel devastated at not being aware of his passing sooner. Not being able to hug each of you today….. and not to have been there to add our farewells to yours. You who loved him most know what a warm and loving man he was. I feel blessed to have had him in my life as I grew up!! His hugs were the best and I will never forget his warmth and humor!! May you each remember the good and happy times that filled your lives and may the reliving of those moments help to ease the pain of your loss. Lovingly,
    Jim and Alma Stjerne and family

  • Jim and Alma Stjerne Reply

    George will always be remembered for his huge heart and loving ways! HE WILL ALWAYS BE A GREAT PART OF MY GROWING UP YEARS!! I will never forget his warmth and his caring and I cherish the moments from our “BUBBLEGUM”
    MAY YOUR HEARTS ALWAYS BE FILLED WITH THE CHERISHED MEMORIES OF HAPPY TIMES SHARED! May those memories fill your hearts and with each day ease the great pain of his loss.
    Con inmenso carino,
    Jim and Alma Stjerne

comments (2)

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