Chris Herald, Dana Point

The power brokers of Dana Point must be feeling pretty good about the Lantern District makeover. No matter how much more money is needed than budgeted for the redo of the Lantern District, the project marches on with virtually no outcry from the citizenry.

The city floats a $24 million bond and nary is a word spoken in the press about the use of the bond money. To infer that the citizens are in the dark about this bond issuance is stating the obvious.

Next, the city approves an additional $7.7 million for the project. This money will be withdrawn from reserves. Certainly the term reserve speaks for itself—held back for emergencies or natural disasters.

Now that I think of natural disasters, maybe this is money well spent. We are witnessing a disaster in the Lantern Village but again no coverage in the papers. No citizen objections. No elected officials held responsible.

Not long ago, in the State of the City address, our mayor stated that the city is on firm financial footing or words to that effect. Then the mayor voted against the use of the reserves to sustain the next phase of Lantern District project. I wonder, would the mayor still hold to the previous statement regarding fiscal soundness?

And now in the “What’s up With …” section of the DP Times, a story on a developer seeking to build 28,000 square feet of retail space, 111 residences (condos? apartments?), 56 parking spaces and four stories plus 42 inches and what else? Isn’t the height restriction 35 feet? Let’s see 56 parking spaces divided by 111 residences insures half of the residents will have a parking space.

Dana Point will look just like Laguna Beach—with snarled traffic, no parking and every city planner’s dream, population density. Sanity, where art thou?

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