Dick Rudolph, Dana Point

Now that the Dana Point plastic bag ban has been in place for over eight months, what has been the effect? Well, all the grocery stores are giving out paper bags instead of plastic ones, and the use of heavier duty bags brought in by shoppers appears to have increased.

All good, you say? Well, according to environmental groups who address the plastic versus paper issue, No. Paper bags in their production and recycling are more harmful to the environment than plastic bags.

Has there been a significant decrease in the plastic bag litter on the beaches, in the streams or along the roadways? I don’t see it, but then I didn’t see it before the ban since I considered it a completely false straw man argument by the ban’s proponents.

What is the cost to the city to have this ban in place? Not just enforcement, but revenue loss from those who, like me, no longer grocery shop in Dana Point. Perhaps one of the good council folk could educate us on these issues, or not.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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