Anthony and Clare Petrotta, Capistrano Beach

My question to residents and property owners of Dana Point, Capistrano Beach and San Clemente are how many of you are aware of the “alcohol and drug rehab” houses in your neighborhood?

Were you aware there is legislation titled “Health and Safety Code Section 11834.20-11834.25” that “encourages each county and city to permit the development of sufficient numbers and types of alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities as are commensurate with local need?”

How is that need established when these rehabees are not necessarily our local residents but rather residents from other states, etc.? The code cites treatment facilities serving “six or fewer persons shall not be subject to any business taxes, local registration fees, use permit fees or other fees to which other single-family dwellings are not likewise subject.”

The problem for all residents is the impact on your community and resale, and I question how these “facilities” are being regulated. Who provides inspection and regulation to assure they are compliant with the federal and local guidelines, which regulate the number of rehabees?

Unfortunately, our communities are being overrun with these facilities with homeowners totally unaware until the cars and vans start blocking your street, until the smoke permeates your patio that was previously smoke-free, until the Metallica music overrides your smooth jazz and until you no longer see the gardener who previously kept the property well maintained.

I can see only one reason there is not better push-back from the City Manager’s office and that is financial gain. When do the cities start protecting the current homeowner and their investment that has paid taxes for 24-plus years? What about the family who relocates and pays in excess of $2 million for a home only to find out they have a drug and alcohol rehab moving in across the street?

How do they ever recoup their investment?

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