Harold Kaufman, Dana Point

I do not usually respond to letters to the editor because it is usually a waste of time. It won’t change the minds of people that have already had their minds made up. They are not interested in listening to the truth.

But when the facts presented by the letter writer are so completely and utterly incorrect, I just had to at least try to get the correct facts out for the people who read the editorial comments and may think the letter writer knows what he is talking about.

So, Mr. Herald (“Where’s the Lantern District Outcry Citizens,” Dana Point Times, July 18),here are the real facts:

  1. The city did not issue a bond for $24 million for the Lantern District. The city has no outstanding bond for this or any other projects. That’s zero, nada, zilch, none. No debt whatsoever. We are debt free.
  2. The height limit in the Lantern District is 40 feet. Not 35 feet but 40 feet.
  3. The Majestic project consisted of three separate buildings with a total of 111 living units. There are 227 parking spaces in the plans for the living units, 47 parking places for the retail spaces and 63 spaces that are in-lieu spaces to be provided from the more than 1,200 surplus peak time spaces available in the Lantern District.

Oh, and Mr. Herald, there was an outcry of the citizens regarding the Lantern District. Ninety percent of the people surveyed said completion of the town center was, after police protection and maintenance of streets, the most important project in Dana Point.

Mr. Herald, feel free to call me if there is anything here you cannot understand (I am in the book).

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