Madeline Letchford, Capistrano Beach

There is no need for short-term rentals where our children ride their bikes, play outside, enjoy the environment their parents work hard to provide, and attend Dana Point public schools. Our elderly should not have to battle with short-term renters, non-present landlords and the many issues short term-rentals traditionally bring. We have no way of protecting the integrity of our neighborhoods should the City overlook the true needs of the residential community and allow this ordinance. The family environment that we work hard and pay taxes to keep upscale will be finally destroyed.

Short-term rentals do not fall under registered sex offender laws for reporting vacation-term stays, and our children and the most vulnerable would be put in jeopardy by this ordinance. No ID’s are required to book short-term rentals, or other typical registration processes that the traditional hotels use to keep track of visitors to our town. Since San Clemente, Laguna Beach and Laguna Niguel have severely restricted or banned such uses, Dana Point will be overrun with short-term rentals in no time. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center lists California as the state with the highest number of reported sex-trafficking victims. Allowing daily and short-term rentals, while our coastal neighbors have banned them, is asking for these crimes to increase in the six and a half square miles of Dana Point. With the increasing transient and former inmate population, changes in state level drug laws, we are asking to become a coastal hot bed for crime against children and women. I cannot even fathom how anyone, other those with selfish personal intention, cannot see that this is bad for the whole of our community.

The residents of this wonderful Dana Point community deserve to keep some level of local spirit that isn’t destroyed by the greedy nature of tourism. While City funds might prosper from this ordinance, these ordinances will ultimately drive out quality long-term renters/permanent residents to the other cities who care about people, not tourism. In the long run, Dana Point would only be hurt by these pro-tourism choices. We are in need for the City to show love to it’s neighborhoods, neighbors, and stand alongside other costal communities to preserve our safety, homes, and our home-life.

We can never allow the “neighbor” to be taken from of our neighborhoods.

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