Betty Hill, Capistrano Beach

In response to the letter from Harold Kaufman (“Council Reorganization Proceedings were Shameful on All Accounts,” Dana Point Times, Dec. 27-Jan. 2, Vol. 5, Issue 52), although the mayor and mayor pro tem officiate at council meetings, the perception in the community is that these titles carry a greater responsibility.

During their terms, the mayor and mayor pro tem represent the character of Dana Point and are the public voice of the City Council. They are expected to participate in community events. Organizers of these events and Dana Point residents who attend are proud when they appear. So the community should and does care who is selected to be their mayor and mayor pro tem.

Responsible and responsive council members would encourage and welcome community interaction on all topics, including the selection of mayor. Community support for a council member is not orchestrated; it is earned by years of dedication to the city and their achievements.

Council members deserve recognition for outstanding service. They certainly do not deserve criticism for support they receive in return. Lisa Bartlett and Steven Weinberg were chosen as mayor and mayor pro tem at the last council meeting. They will do an outstanding job representing Dana Point. However, their selection did seem puzzling and somewhat contentious.

Perhaps this was indicative of the conflicting personalities and ideologies that are evident at many council meetings since the last election. Dana Point deserves better.

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