Jack Laguna, Dana Point

Muscle car enthusiasts and motorcyclists with illegal mufflers and a desire to see how fast they can accelerate from zero-to-60 pollute our neighborhoods.

Our City Council members and law enforcement officials need to understand that we view these violators, who have turned streets like Stonehill Drive and Niguel Road into drag-strips, as unwanted, and we expect strict compliance with our speed and noise laws.

Keep your council members’ and enforcement officials’ email addresses and phone numbers handy and let them know the time and location of those who ruin your sunset on the patio.

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  • If you park on my street and happen to not have a current sticker to be able to park on my street, you’ll pay. If you happen to park on the street on the wrong side at the wrong time, you’ll pay. But one thing you’ll never pay for, apparently, is driving 50 or 60 mph on the street, which has a 25 mph speed limit. It also has escaped notice that the street is often full of students of Dana High, and it empties directly into the site of the school.

comments (1)

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