Lynn O’Neil, Dana Point

I agree with Harold Kaufman’s sentiments expressed in his letter to the editor about the City Council’s recent reorganization (“Council Reorganization Proceedings were Shameful on All Accounts,” Dana Point Times, Dec. 27-Jan. 2, Vol. 5, Issue 52). He should feel ashamed.

Ashamed of himself for criticizing residents, like me, for speaking up in the public forum about matters of public interest that involve City Council action. Ashamed for insulting members of our City Council, who have worked long and hard to improve our city with many demonstrable achievements.

Mr. Kaufman’s concern is that six people stood up in a public meeting of their city’s elected body and commented that “Lisa Bartlett and Scott Schoeffel have done a wonderful job and should be elected mayor and mayor pro tem, respectively.” I feel that he demeaned me and the other speakers, as well as council members Bartlett and Schoeffel, by dismissing honest civic participation as “orchestrated” and implying that public comment on city leadership is somehow unwelcome, unwarranted and unsavory.

Apparently Mr. Kaufman was not ashamed of the embarrassing spectacle created by other council members during the council reorganization discussion. These council members publicly argued amongst themselves about whose efforts over the past 12 months were responsible for reviving the expensive Town Center infrastructure project. But he should have been ashamed.

Perhaps Mr. Kaufman prefers to see infighting among council members and does not see any problem with them clamoring for public recognition and extolling their own perceived virtues from the dais.

I, for one, believe that behavior was disgraceful and has no place in our city government.

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