John Hazelrigg, Dana Point

Dana Point Planning Commission Chairman Gary Newkirk, Vice Chairperson Liz Claus and commission members Susan Whittaker and April O’Connor are to be highly commended for the thoughtful and professional manner in which they conducted the multiple meetings regarding the application for The Doheny Hotel.

They were thorough, fair and demonstrated a complete understanding of the issues regarding this project and the impact it would have on our city. Density, traffic, parking, loading and unloading, noise and, above all, safety of our streets were discussed at length. Proponents of the project, as well as concerned citizens that opposed it, were heard and their input considered.

Our commissioners’ decision to reject the special variances requested by the applicant was the right decision for our city and they had the prescience to recognize this.

I am very proud to be represented by fair and honest public servants who are true to their oath to uphold the city’s statutes and regulations. They deserve every resident’s heartfelt thanks and respect.

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