Terry Goller, Dana Point

Many in our Dana Point community have been concerned about a lack of facilities for our youth. Years ago, the city procured the joint use fields at Dana Hills High School with the school district. We have a small field adjoining the Dana Point Community Center, but facilities for the older youth are lacking.

We do appreciate the youth activities that are sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department but Dana Point is the only city that does not have a permanent youth recreation facility. A suggestion would be for this paper to send out a questionnaire asking for community input as to what type would best suit our city. This would be a simple way to find out the desires of the people without costly consultants.

We have a large parcel of land in the Costco area that is owned by the South Coast Water District that would be an ideal location for a youth project. This would reflect well for our heritage in lieu of a boat and vehicle storage designation. What better time would be than the present to coincide with the Town Center project?

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