Jim Coshland, San Clemente

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Avenida La Pata extension to Ortega Highway is scheduled for completion within the next two years.

At that time, look for the next Interstate 5 closure north of Avenida Pico to bring gridlock along Pico, as thousands of cars and trucks seek a way around the blockage. There will be solid full lanes of vehicles from I-5 to Avenida La Pata and continuing north on La Pata.

Not only may closures cause this but the frequent and heavy I-5 traffic overloads on Sundays heading north may also result in Pico and La Pata being unbearable.

As usual, the morons who forced the “no-access” around San Clemente to the I-5 south of town will not step up and take the blame. They may be little affected anyway, since so many of them are out-of-towners.

San Clemente residents have been taking it on the chin for so many years in so many areas and local projects that this ultimate kick in the rear may wake us up. Or maybe not.

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