Doheny Hotel plans call for a more than 250-room two- to five-story structure at Dana Point Harbor Drive and Pacific Coast Highway. The hotel’s developer, Beverly Hills Hospitality Group, is expected to present updated plans at the Planning Commission’s April 14 meeting. Rendering courtesy of Langdon Wilson International
Doheny Hotel plans call for a more than 250-room two- to five-story structure at Dana Point Harbor Drive and Pacific Coast Highway. The hotel’s developer, Beverly Hills Hospitality Group, is expected to present updated plans at the Planning Commission’s April 14 meeting. Rendering courtesy of Langdon Wilson International

 Steven Moss, Dana Point

So far it appears that the Planning Commission might not get what many residents are trying to tell them about the Doheny Hotel: Height, traffic impact, possible tsunami zone problems, water usage impact, loading zone on Pacific Coast Highway and not to forget parking problems and the issue of giving away park space for them to build parking spaces.

Then many of us didn’t realize how this could also impact the other hotels in the area that currently only operate at a 60 percent occupancy and what they bring to our fair city in tax revenue. What would we do if they left? What impact would that bring us? Do we really need another hotel?

I hope Mayor Lisa Bartlett is looking into this with a clear conscious that is not being impacted by the generous campaign contribution given to her by the hotel’s developer.

Attending the last Planning Commission meeting showed that consultants did not do their due diligence when looking into the above, or turned a blind eye. If the variance and land give away goes through, which it shouldn’t, then those elected—like the Mayor—will most likely face lawsuits and never get re-elected.

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  • The future of Dana Point depends on tourism, business travelers, and guests coming to visit our beaches. To deny growth in Dana Point is senseless, the good ole times of the 60″s is over, it’s never coming back. Traffic, parking, noise, people spending money is a good thing for this sleepy backwards beach city. Unfortunately, you can’t have it both ways, you want a vibrant thriving city or a decaying dump. You want no traffic, noise, or people, move to Montana and let the beach community thrive. Dana Point needs to be awaken and be able to realize it’s true potential, or should we let it become like the old Capo beach area which is in serious need of a face lift…that area is an embarrassment to us in the eyes of our guests….

    • ‘an embarrassment to us in the eyes of our guests’. We the People live here, our guests are here only because it makes profits for those who have usurped the will of the people. You don’t care about we the people, you’re only concerned about the dollars the developers might not get. In my opinion the developers are here only because city hall provides them a friendly environment they can exploit.

  • I’m fine with this hotel and improvement it brings to area, current dirt and fast food is ugly, nice normal size hotel like this is a great improvement.

    • Perhaps DanaPointer didn’t pay close attention to the size of this hotel rendering. Looks like 5 stories to me and 5 is just too tall. I have no problem with a downsized (2 story) as an improvement to this location but approving a variance in height will open the city up to more of the same and before you know it presto……another Newport Beach.

    • I am sad to see all the development-gone-wild in Dana Point–a place I have come to dread driving through because of all the traffic. We who live along the coast are stewards of the ocean first. That means less polluting cars and people and concrete and pesticides. The effects of urban run-off speaks for itself—ask those whales who make you alot of money.

  • Honey, can you please spend a little more time looking for a new job vs. writing angry letters.

  • Dana Point Resident Reply

    I don’t really have an issue with this hotel as a whole either. The area this hotel is to be built on currently is distasteful and run down. It doesn’t seem that building this hotel would impact the ocean view of any homes or businesses (which would be a large concern of mine). So long as this doesn’t create a precedence … and some of the reasonable concerns are addressed, why not build the hotel? Concerns about the tsunami zone & water usage are a bit ridiculous but I can appreciate the issue with a loading zone on PCH and the desire to make sure adequate parking is provided.

  • “A place I have come to dread driving through because of all the traffic.”

    Your missing the argument.

    Dana Point is no longer just a highway for you to drive from San Clemente up to Laguna and Newport as fast as possible. We want our area to be a destination where residents and tourists come, park and walk, shop and dine and contribute to our small local businesses.

    Your assumption that this hotel increase “pollution and cars and pesticides” in not accurate or supported by the EIS for this project

  • Lets be realistic… That corner needs improvement badly as it is at a gateway to the city of Dana Point. Another opportunity to improve this corner may not come again. So, the city will bend to get this critical intersection developed. They really don’t have a choice. Its going to happen. Get ready (Its happening now! ) for a BOOM growth in our small little sleepy town that we used to know. Town Center project, Harbor revitalization, Doheny Village development, Strands – builds are starting up again, The Maker property behind Denny’s, The old Villa Hotel parcel near the state beach – Just to name a few more high profile projects going on. Buckle up and get ready for the ride!

  • Last I heard the development of 20,000 square feet of shops in the area where the trailer park residents were thrown out has not been stopped, it’s just delayed because the owners have been delayed by financial stresses. When completed, those shops will need to be visited, and how much easier to fill them than to build a new hotel designed to exploit our beautiful area just kitty corner from the shops. And of course visitors will use the six million dollar bridge to nowhere built with tax payer funds, funny how the conservatives have ignored this little theft. If you think the bridge and the new hotel and the shops is just another coincidence you don’t know how Dana Point ‘leaders’ seem to work, that certain developers always get what they want and as usual we the people get traffic and congestion. All we are in their eyes is wait staff needed to run their properties. It is time for this little town to begin to recognize all this tripe about the need for the hotels to make the town other than a dump is nothing but greed expressing itself. It is time for the people of Dana Point to elect other than those who jump to the developer’s music and begin to find leaders who are devoted to We the People. We don’t need to add more exploiters to make the area beautiful, it was far more beautiful before any developers showed up. And as for the EIS, I devoted a great deal of time analyzing the EIS for the coastal development, and it was a piece of garbage. I tried to bring this to the attention of the council, but we were given only a couple of hours before it was passed so that it did not receive much attention. It was a joke, and this operation to get the hotel will similarly be a joke, in my opinion. And in case someone wants to challenge me about the EIS analysis part, I’ll be glad to revisit my concerns with you, and maybe make some comparisons to the EIS is process. In my opinion, what happens to Dana Point is not in the hands the people, it belongs solely to the greed dogs and their lackeys. Sorry if this is ‘not nice’, but I believe it is accurate and timely.

  • further note. My comment is ‘awaiting moderation’. I’ve written other comments on other subjects, and the ‘awaiting moderation’ suggests I’ll be censored. It’s what they do.

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