By Andrea Swayne

Meg Roh. Photo by Sheri Crummer/
Meg Roh. Photo by Sheri Crummer/

Age: 14, Ladera Ranch Middle School, Marco Forster Middle School surf team

When most surfers say they surf every day, they really mean almost every day, if the waves are good and the water’s not too cold. When Dana Point resident Meg Roh says she surfs every day, she means every, single, day. May 31 will mark her second straight year of surfing daily—day No. 730.

Two years ago Meg set a goal to surf 365 days straight, “just for fun,” she said. After meeting that goal she decided to keep going to see if she could make it through year two. Now, with that goal in sight, she’s upped it to 1,000 days.

“I just want to keep surfing, it’s a habit now and it’s fun,” she said. “I’m not sure what I want to do after that, but I hope to start traveling.”

This eighth grader also maintains a 4.0 GPA in school, an accomplishment that this month earned her the Scholastic Surfer Award at the SSS Middle School State Championships. Meg came in third in Girls Longboard individually and led her team to a first-place finish in the division.

“This season was my best ever. I learned a lot, surfed a bunch of different places and made a lot of progress with my noseriding,” Meg said. “I’ve been working on my style, riding boards from the ’60s. It’s so fun to watch the old-school surfers. They have such cool style.”

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