Raising concerns among members prompts Chamber of Commerce to reach out to Capistrano Beach businesses and community members

By Andrea Papagianis

Throughout the past year Capistrano Beach business owners and residents have expressed their concerns, and frustrations, at Dana Point City Council meetings.

“Why are you taking our parkland,” they asked when the council voted to sell off Capo Beach land once slated for a park. And questions of “When will funding for Doheny Village be allocated,” have echoed throughout the chamber during talks of Town Center Lantern District budgeting and development.

Hearing rising concerns from their members that crime is rampant and their voices are not being heard, the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce is hosting two meetings this week to give residents and business owners a platform to be heard.

“We are opening the event to all businesses and community members,” said Heather Johnston, the chamber’s executive director. “We want as much information as possible from the people who live and work in Capo Beach about how the chamber can help them.”

The meetings will be held at The Surfin’ Cowboy on Tuesday, March 11 at 8:30 a.m. and Thursday, March 13 at 4 p.m. The Surfin’ Cowboy is located at 34235 Doheny Park Road in Capistrano Beach.

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