As residents drive through Doheny Village, they may notice the closure of a popular business, Donut World.

Last month, the shop closed and now Tom and Nikki Yib are currently in the process of renovating the space and opening a new shop.

The Yibs also own Kelly’s Donuts in San Clemente and are excited about the new endeavor.

They want to create a beach-vibe inside the new shop and want help from the locals on naming the new space.

“It’s a great location,” said Tom Yib. “We will upgrade it and make it look nice and bring more people to the area.”

Currently, there is no official open date, but members of the public can stop by the San Clemente location to submit ideas on what to name the new shop.

Kelly’s Donuts is located at 430 Camino de Estrella, San Clemente.

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